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Waste to Energy

Good for Business, Even Better for the Planet

Kratton Oaks is a green energy consulting and solutions company that operates in the sub-Saharan Africa and Asian markets. We provide oilfield support services. Deliver waste to energy project engineering and management. As well as gas, and clean energy solutions. Adhering to only the best global practices, we seek to provide value added services to our clients. At the same time, adhering to green energy consulting principles of sustainability and environmental protection. We see ourselves as stewards of this earth. Therefore it is our duty to ensure that we always keep in mind those who are to come after we are no longer here. In the spirit of balance, equilibrium and harmony, our energy company believes man should coexist with the earth in a way that does not destroy the very environment we depend on for life.

Minimal Environmental Impact0%
Capacity & Experience0%
Service Value Added0%

Clean energy sectors

  • Onshore wind
  • Offshore renewables
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Renewable heat
  • Grid and infrastructure

Lifecycle Project Support

  • Feasibility
  • Development
  • Pre-construction
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Re-powering
Kratton Oaks Energy
Health & Safety

Secure your environment and its people.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Planning & Permitting

Verification, validation & accreditation management.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Service & Repair

Keep your operations running seamlessly.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Sustainable energy services

Kratton Oaks Energy

Oilfield Support

Fabrication, installation, maintenance or repair of vessels and more.

Kratton Oaks Energy

Waste to Energy

Recycling of biomaterial and conversion into clean energy supply.

Kratton Oaks Energy

Natural Gas

Leading the way to the future with natural & liquified gas energy.

Kratton Oaks Energy

Clean Energy

Harnessing naturally occurring elements to power our future.

Keep sustainability a priority

Kratton Oaks Energy

Highly skilled, technically sound engineering support.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Asset Management

Equipment monitoring, testing and maintenance.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Project Management

Lifecycle support from planning to implementation.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Geotechnical Services

Environmental, geophysical and forensic support.

Kratton Oaks Energy

Construction monitoring, verification and validation.

Kratton Oaks Energy
Market Analysis

Sound data analysis to inform business decisions.

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