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Kratton Oaks is a green energy consulting and solutions company that operates in the sub-Saharan Africa and Asian markets. We provide oilfield support services. Deliver waste to energy project engineering and management. As well as gas, and clean energy solutions. Adhering to only the best global practices, we seek to provide value added services to our clients. At the same time, adhering to green energy consulting principles of sustainability and environmental protection. We see ourselves as stewards of this earth. Therefore it is our duty to ensure that we always keep in mind those who are to come after we are no longer here. In the spirit of balance, equilibrium and harmony, we believe man should coexist with earth in a way that does not destroy the very environment we depend on for life.

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Why Focus on Renewable Energy?

With the rapid spread of information now available to the masses, public awareness about the conditions of our global environment is becoming mainstream. More and more nations, governments and businesses are acknowledging the importance of changing their energy generation methods and consumption habits. Now more than ever, they are looking for ways to take a proactive approach to sustainable energy practices. So, the need for green energy consulting from professional renewable energy firms is increasing. Kratton Oaks are the green energy consulting experts you can trust.

Clean Energy Consulting Services

Working effectively in the Nigerian energy market requires a particular set of assets and skills. Having access to the appropriate channels of government can make or break a potential project. Navigating Ministries, State and even Local Governments is no small task. And understanding the local ways and means can often make all the difference. Kratton Oaks has an established framework of relationships and associations throughout the energy sector that gives us the access you need to get things done.

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