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Reliable Renewable Energy Consulting Services

Kratton Oaks has advised our clients across the globe with impartial and trusted advice in the green energy sector. Hydro, wind, solar, heat and clean energy infrastructure development can be quite nuanced for those lacking experience. Our clean energy consultants span a wide range of specialties from analysts and engineers to project managers and environmental experts. So, no matter how complex or unique the problem, we have what it takes to provide you with the solutions you need.


The standard of excellence we set for ourselves never stops. Throughout the project lifecycle spectrum, we stand by the ideals of value-added service for our clients. From introductory consultation and feasibility analysis, all the way through operations, maintenance and repowering, we maintain a holistic view for success. So, we’re able to work more efficiently to mitigate risk factors commonly associated with renewable energy or infrastructure endeavors before they become big problems. With the continued shift in the industry toward a subsidy free market, we can also help you formulate strategies to optimize cost reduction across the lifecycle of any asset.

Whether you want to develop, build, operate or invest in a renewable energy project, Kratton Oaks is here for you. With our team of experienced consultants and engineers, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to effectively guide you to success.

Why Focus on Renewable Energy

With the rapid spread of information now available to the masses, public awareness about the condition of our global environment are more mainstream. Disasters like oil spill clean up are transmitted on international news and social media. More and more nations, governments and businesses are acknowledging the importance of changing their energy generation methods and consumption habits. Now more than ever, they are looking for ways to take a proactive approach to sustainable energy practices. So, the need for green energy consulting from professional renewable energy firms is increasing. Kratton Oaks are the green energy consulting experts you can trust.

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