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Oilfield Services – Reservoir Analysis

Optimize your oilfield services for reservoir performance insights and analysis

To optimize your reservoir performance, it’s important to have complete understanding of its characteristics and operation throughout its lifetime. Kratton Oaks’ petrochemical tools and subject matter expertise helps you gain insight into your reservoir fluids and rocks with precise measurements.



We help construct both macro and microgeological models using sophisticated measurements to the highest degree of tolerance for optimal interpretation and analysis. Be sure that your well paths are intelligently guided to avoid potential threats and get the best reservoir contact with our help.


  • Interpretation Services
  • LWD Services
  • Rock Laboratory Services
  • Wireline Services




Get laboratory analysis services, downhole measurements and formation testing services to properly characterize rock and fluid properties for formation evaluation. Get a more detailed insights into your reservoir’s operational and functional characteristics with our petrophysical analysis services using a wide variety of measurements.


  • Interpretation Services
  • LWD Services
  • Reservoir Laboratory Services
  • Surface Logging
  • Wireline Services

Reservoir Engineering


Our reservoir engineering manages fluid flow and phase behavior for all fluids, at all scales and in all geological settings. We’ll help you construct a holistic picture of a reservoir’s potential and performance outlook with services such as laboratory PVT analysis, formation pressure measurement and downhole fluid sampling and analysis.


  • Interpretation Services
  • LWD Services
  • Reservoir Engineering with Wireline Services
  • Reservoir Laboratory Services
  • Reservoir Testing


Reservoir Testing


Kratton Oaks can give you the best potential for success with our strategic testing methodology to help you optimize your decision making. We analyze reservoir potential, measure well performance, and maintain efficient field productivity with our comprehensive testing and measurement services.


  • Downhole Pressure Measurement
  • Downhole Reservoir Testing
  • Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring
  • Reservoir Sampling and Analysis
  • Subsea Landing String Services
  • Surface Well Testing

Whether you want to develop, build, operate or invest in a renewable energy project, Kratton Oaks is here for you. With our team of experienced consultants and engineers, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to effectively guide you to success.

Manpower Services

With the rapidly transforming world of Oilfield Services, you need an experienced and competent oil and gas workforce solution more than ever. Kratton Oaks develops and delivers performance-based services for clients who demand the benefit of agile performance and the best competitive edge.

Our partnerships with large production operators all over the world provide our clients with professional consultants and contractors for any operation whether offshore or onshore. If you desire to promote continued education and staff improvement, we offer a wide range of certification and training programs. Specialist courses like rig evacuation and fire safety training, as well as training courses for conventional jobs like drillers and crane operators are all available.


Kratton Oaks takes pride in our dedication to excellence, professionalism, safety and teamwork at all levels of the organization.